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Last night on the FOX channel, an hour-long documentary aired giving #RihannaNavy a peek into the hectic tour life their favorite superstar encounters every couple of months, and this tour was no exception to the madness as it showed her infamous 777 tour experiment. Rihanna and her team traveled to seven different cities in seven countries in seven days in support of last year’s album Unapologetic.  The docu showed everyone’s involvement in a nutshell that included not just RiRi and the people behind her, but also the lucky fan contest winners and 150 journalists worldwide from various publications that joined.  Though the docu wasn’t groundbreaking in thoroughly expressing the demands of tour life, in actuality in was quite uneventful, below are seven most noteworthy moments about the documentary, which you can also watch below in its entirety.


1. Press Got Some Sweet Diamond Swag

On the first day of the tour, as Rihanna poured everyone a glass of champagne, she also announced into the intercom that everyone had a small bracelet for him with a small, real diamond attached.  Though they were tiny, press likely thought just being on the tour would be the most awesome gift.

2. Such A Tour Had Never Been Done Before

Mini tours are a typical for new albums, but a global tour done in such a short amount of time. The docu showed how everyone’s energy went from excited to exhausted. All stops were completed but a full 2 days off rest was certainly in demand after its last stop in New York.  And naturally, the docu didn’t show how frustrated many of the journalists became with not only the barely, any sleep lifestyle but in also hardly getting some 1-on-1 time with Rihanna. For any snarky tidbits on the 777 tour, you’ll have to search online (including press’ inside joke of a “Missing Rihanna” poster).

3. There Is a Such A Thing as a Wardrobe Mistress

Fashion insiders already know about this, but for for rest of us fashionistas-in-training, a wardrobe mistress is a someone that oversees that sartorial choices and that those choices run smoothly for a production. The term is actually pretty old fashioned, and today are also referred to as simply a wardrobe supervisor, so somebody, whether it be the same person, is putting it work to make sure those custom Lanvin and Givenchy pieces are making it to the stage in one piece for her current Diamonds World Tour.  Just a little fashion terminology for the next time you happen to be in the garment district.

4. A Press Member Streaks the Airplane Naked

So to spice up the dulled atmosphere of a very tired airplane full of 777 passengers, the Australian radio DJ Tim Dormer streaked up and down the aisles naked, and the cameras caught all of it.  Surprisingly, these scenes aired on FOX.

5. RiRi Subjects to a Party Hard Lifestyle

After her Paris show, Rihanna spoke to the camera and admits that while she should be going to sleep, she’s heading out to the club at 2:29 in the morning.  She also ran into some other celebs in town, and the proof’s in the photo.


6. Necole Bitchie Gets Propositioned to Pro-create

Necole Bitchie is popular black celebrity blogger, and as one of the 150 journalists on board, she had the delight of meeting the aforementioned Tim who confessed to not getting the opportunity to interact with a lot of black women.  Thus, he flirted with Necole for much of 777’s stay in Stockholm while making the suggestions they should have children together.  Can’t knock a guy for trying.

7. She Performs “Stay” in London

The second to last stop was in Londontown, and the docu showed the whole, and great, performance of her acclaimed ballad “Stay”.  Ri stated how much she loved the song backstage, and that even if it wasn’t hers, she’ll still be a fan of its lyrics. This scene was the best of the hour BTS, like most of the other performance shots that were the highlights of the docu.

–C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion)


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