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A huge night for Hip Hop

Last night at Stage 48, the legendary DJ Doo Wop celebrated his 20th anniversary in the mixtape game with a concert that featured some of the most iconic names in Hip Hop history.


As Stage 48 filled up with fans and media, names like Grandmaster Caz, Large Professor, Lil Cease, DJ Killatouch and others, made their way to the VIP section of the venue before the show kicked off. It was good to see many familiar faces from back in the days reunite for the special event.

The show kicked off a little after 11PM with Ted Smooth on the 1’s and 2’s playing some of the most classic Hip Hop records ever created. Shortly after, the man of the night DJ Doo Wop got on the turntables to get things rocking and thank the crowd for the support. The first act that was introduced by DJ Doo Wop was Peter Gunz, who performed his 1998 platinum single “Deja Vu.” Things then went to Queens with the performance of Royal Flush who brought some of Q-Boro’s finest like
Mr. Cheeks, Mic Geronimo, and Nature. Royal also surprised the Stage 48 crowd when he brought out Dres of Black Sheep and Sadat X of Brand Nubian and Nine.

Doo Wop‘s show then continued with AZ performing some of his classic cuts from his 1995 debut album Doe or Die. Sosa had the crowd captivated with his performance and lyrics. Shortly after AZ, the duo from Bucktown, Smif-N-Wessun came out to start trouble with their underground hits and show love to their fans as they both jumped into the crowd. Smif-N-Wessun also had a surprise for the crowd of Stage 48 when they introduced Lil Cease who performed “Players Anthem” and “Crush On You.”

The grand finale of the night came thanks to Jadakiss, who was on the bill by himself, but decided to come out with the entire LOX who brought a charged atmosphere for DJ Doo Wop‘s 20th Anniversary celebration. Some of the songs performed by Sheek, Jada, and Styles were “We Gon Make It,” “High,” “All About The Benjamins,” “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye” and many more of their street smash singles. The LOX thanked DJ Doo Wop for everything he has done in the game and thanked the crowd for coming out to support real Hip Hop.

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