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Vinny of Naughty By Nature isn’t feeding into the negative hype

In an exclusive statement issued to, Vin Rock of the epic Hip Hop trio Naughty By Nature establishes his position as a professional that must protect the monumental brand that he represents with integrity. Even the public rant from Treach on Twitter and the recent diss record “Tall Midget” isn’t enough to provoke the front man for NBN business ventures including the classic Naughty By Nature merchandise that is available on the NBN website. This is what Vin has to say:


I guess I put in too much work. Perhaps it made some feel like they weren’t included or couldn’t keep up. I do know there are elements around us who don’t want to see Naughty’s brand prosper. In fact, some scratch their heads and wonder how we still book as many shows and come up on opportunities. Even I wonder at times. Because some can’t participate in Naughty’s reality, they don’t mind co-signing the dismantling of our brand. Because some aren’t capable of managing a brand causes frustration. I understand where the negative energy comes from. This is why I encourage all parents to stress the importance of education to your children. It can be a scary place to be an uneducated adult and have no real life survival skills. I never have and never will come to the table with unnecessary baggage. It’s always myself and my opinion. I’d like to apologize to all the true fans & professionals who support and believe in Naughty. A female on Twitter reminded me that Naughty’s brand doesn’t solely belong to NBN. It belongs to the fans. Thank you guys for the continued support. Thank everyone for the private messages, texts, and phone calls. Just know I will remain professional at all times. I know I have tons of friends, families, corporations, and now, law enforcement watching me lol. I respect myself and my supporters too much to join the path of destruction…. Ignore Ignorance and please continue to educate yourself. -Uncle Vin

By taking the high road, Vin leaves the ball in Treach’s court. Nobody who is a fan of Hip Hop wants to see the infamous crew from Illtown break up. Let’s optimistically look forward to a reunion or at a handshake in the near future.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)