ganorza features actor and grafitti artist Gano Grills

Some people that are nice with a spray paint can continue to perfect their skills on the wall and for the most part, you’ll see the results of their hard work in their pieces as they progress. Gano Grills is one writer who has taken that one step further. Not only has the native Staten Islander become an all city sensation with extravagant murals all throughout the tri state area, but he has ventured into Hollywood and become an actor that has appeared in numerous blockbusters including In Too Deep with Omar Epps and LL Cool J, Spike Lee’s Bamboozled, and even had a regular character, Mondo Browne, on the classic HBO series, Oz.


Gano rocks some of the most artistic murals that can still be seen in the city,reminiscent of the early 80s when graf was more thematic. Having started his career in ’83, Grills has hundreds of pieces, mostly on his preference of utility trucks.




Well known within the Hip Hop community, Gano has gained even more fame by appearing in various videos including “Fugee La” by The Fugees and he painted the piece in the background of the Wu Tang Clan’s “Can It All Be So Simple”. Grills is definitely a success story from the world of grafitti, one of the elder pillars of Hip Hop culture.


-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)