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Lion’s Den co-founder Iron Shiekh weighs in on today’s battles for rhyme supremacy

This evening, there will be some lyrical jousting going on at Club Element at DJ Vlad’s “Killaz Battle Event” and has the exclusive inside scoop on who is predicted to win this evening’s bouts. With special frontline commentary from BX rhyme smith Iron Shiekh, our readers could possibly place some sure shot bets. Ths is who Shiekh has picked for tonight:


Iron Shiekh vs. Hanz

IS: Well, basically Hanz has no battle rap experience. He got a few freestyles up and shit, but he’s not really lyrical like me. I’m more like a technician. Hanz is more like a George Foreman. George Foreman was big and he hit hard, but Ali was a technician. He knew tricks. Ali knew the art of fighting, so Ali beat George Foreman. Hanz, he’s brute force, a few hard bars, but I’m lyrical. I know about punch lines, metaphors, word schemes, even though I don’t use word schemes, I’m an overall lyricist. There’s a difference between a lyricist and a rapper. A rapper is more like a brawler and a lyricist is more like a technician. I’m technical with my craft.

Bigg K vs. Shotgun Suge

IS: Bigg K gonna kill ’em, man. Shotgun Suge got better, though. Shotgun just crushed Bill Collector. Shotgun just lost to Math too. Shotgun got better, but he ain’t fuckin’ with Bigg K, man. One thing about Bigg K, man, that white boy is lyrical. He’s nice, man. He got those bars. You’ll see that tomorrow in the battle. Bigg K is slept on. That kid is nice. Some people compare him to Bubba Sparxxx. I say he’s more like an Action Bronson. Shotgun is just mostly all aggression. He’s not really articulate with his craft. He’s not really lyrical. He just gets to the point. He’s like another brawler.

Math Hoffa vs. T-Rex

IS: Math is on a winning streak. Math won his last four battles. Math beat Shotgun Suge, Jon Jon The Don, and he battled two other people and he won. Actually, Math won the first battle with T-Rex. That’s what the streets say. I kinda feel it was debatable because Rex was saying some shit the first two rounds, but Math’s third round overshadowed everything Rex said in the previous rounds. T-Rex is fresh off of a loss from O-Red. O-Red just beat T-Rex at the UW(Ultimate Warrior) event, where O-Red just killed him with punch lines and facts. This is a chance for T-Rex to redeem himself because if T-Rex knock Math off, that’ll put T-Rex back in the loop and redeem him from the O-Red situation. Right now, Math has more to lose than T-Rex. T-Rex is not a slouch, though. He’s one of the few veterans that come from the Party Arty(RIP), Smack DVD, Lux, and Mook days and is still consistent and can hold it down.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)