will smith you madI’ve come to realize something about SYLR. It serves a lot of purposes. First, it gives mad props where they’re due. Second, it builds more buzz for the artists who are selected, if they so choose to promote it. Third, it should make those who aren’t on the list, mad. Like real mad. As a rapper, you have to convince yourself that you’re the greatest because if you don’t believe it, no one else will. It should frustrate you beyond belief that someone else in YOUR region got selected over you. No disrespect to the selections from prior weeks, of course, but if you weren’t selected, take it in stride and see what next level ish you can turn out.

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I’ve received a few quality projects already through SYLR@thesource.com. And trust me, I listen to every submission. To get your project considered for SYLR, please email the following information to SYLR@thesource.com:

Where you’re representing
Short bio
Link to your project (do not attach any music)


So here are this week’s selections:

West: Deaf Steady RockAmen

Deaf Steady Rock has an interesting mix of sounds. One thing is for sure though, regardless of how smooth the beat is, he brings the suav. Don’t miss: “French Toast & Moet” & “Only For My Homies”

Midwest: Grumpy Old Men x LONEgevitySunday Brunch

Mike Schpitz and Pete Sayke are Chicago’s Grumpy Old Men. They linked up with Indianapolis producer, LONEgevity, to remix select trakcs off their Sunday Skool and Free Lunch projects. Don’t miss: “Where It Go”

South: MileHighThe Forum

Originally from Milledgeville, GA and currently living in McDonough, MileHigh could make noise with the right moves. He started taking rapping seriously about a year ago. “The rap game is such a crapshoot that even if you have talent it’s nothing without the right opportunity. I’m a student of the game and my music will reflect that.” His words not mine. If you get past the effects on his voice on certain tracks, you get at the poetry. Oh, and he may know a thing or two about being a “rapper” (See: “How To Be A Rapper”). I think he’s on to something. Don’t miss: “F4”

East: Gorilla Warfare TacticsZoology

I’ve been looking out for Gorilla Warfare Tactics ever since I’ve heard “Dream Green” and “RewindRhyme.” The laid back feel from production duo, 1984, lets Dilla’s deliberate and precise flow pour out of your speakers like honey out the bottle. Don’t miss: “Zoology,” “Dark Saber Jedi,” “drugDILLA”

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)