danitykane2Danity Kane was arguably one of Diddy’s Bad Boy Records last popular acts.  With a behind-the-scenes show on MTV–Making the Band 3 and 4–, two certified platinum records, and an active following, it look like DK actually had a little longevity in their favor despite their association with a tepid label.  Reportedly (albeit from the scandalous TMZ), four out of the five members are reuniting to record an album and even go on tour to support the long-waited effort.  This music to the ears of Kane’s fans that have expressed their wishes of a return regularly on Twitter, the girls are moving forward without Diddy at the helms.  At least for now, but apparently, they’ve also garnered a new manager.

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Their last album was their sophomore release Welcome to the Dollhouse, and while successful, there were allegations of jealously/favoritism and slightly mangled management. While four of the girls eventually went their separate ways in music and the reality TV circuit, Dawn Richard was kept on BBE for Diddy’s next project Dirty Money, which only lasted for one (terrific, and under-appreciated) LP, Last Train to Paris.  Richard has since gone on as an independent R&B artist.

D. Woods was missing from the supposed business meeting the girls were having in L.A., but cameras caught the other four heading into a building, in which they very coyly spoke about their plans.  Head over to TMZ.com with this (unofficially quoted) link: Screw Diddy, We’re Reuniting Without Him


While you’re still with us, watch the video to re-live Diddy firing Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods from the group:

–C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion)