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Finally the end of an era has arrived. While bling is still very much a part of mainstream rap, it’s slowly loosing its impact as a visual aid in today’s rap videos.

One could easily say rap is going through a renaissance and artists are now finding themselves incorporating more visually artistic themes to represent their songs. Gone are the days of in your face diamonds, platinum, and cars that cost more than your house. Rappers are becoming more in touch with the roots of hip-hop and are striving for individuality by obeying one of the most important commandments, “thou shalt not bite”.


Kanye’s “Mercy” was a good display of visual intrigue. Asap Rocky stepped out of the box with “Live, Love, Asap” by infusing a gothic regal theme. Killer Mike probably takes the cake with “Untitled” by reinterpreting classic pieces of art to deliver a message with resounding effects. The good thing is, it appears that the love of the art is prevailing over the formula to make money and once again true talent is coming to the forefront sans the bling.