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Lupe took to Twitter to clear the air and let his followers know he will be less active to work on music.

Lupe Fiasco is known for not biting his tongue. Whatever he feels is informative or necessary to say he will, with no regard. Rumors surfaced that his twitter account was hacked after tweets were sent about his views on Marxism. His management team tweeted from his account directly following the rumored takeover, sparking followers, fans, and pretty much everyone in the loop to speculate that his management team was trying to shut him up.


Who dares exercise marshall law on Lupe’s first amendment right? It’s not easy to get Lupe Fiasco to stop after he starts, despite how some of us may feel about his views and verbal feuds with the government or anyone else.

Whatever may occupy Lupe’s attention, hopefully it’s for the album’s sake. Tweets are important but they don’t define people, entirely. Him taking time to work on the album will perhaps push its release date forward. We do want to here new Lupe sooner rather than later.

Check out the tweets below:

Virgilio Mendez