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Mario to take a stand

It’s crazy that even in 2013 racism still exists in the world of sports and even just the general world for that matter. After Roma and Milan’s game was delayed due to racist chants earlier in the week Balotelli and teammate Kevin Prince-Boateng have now agreed to walk off the pitch the next time it happens.


Balotelli said this CNN International,

“I always said that if it (racism) happened in the stadium I just do like, ‘Nobody says nothing and I don’t care, but this time I think I changed my mind a little bit. If it’s going to happen one more time I’m going to leave the pitch because it’s so stupid.”

It is stupid, how do people throw banana peels at players in this day and age is just outrageous. BleacherReport said it best “There may be zero tolerance from FIFA, but it seems like there is less than zero being done by FIFA.”

Balotelli and Prince-Boateng walking off the pitch is just one step forward in getting the chants to stop. Ultimately it will be up to FIFA though to rid the sport for good of this behavior.

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)