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Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Power all being Born to Equality

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Power all being Born to Equality. With Knowledge as a foundation, the Power, which is the Truth, is manifested in Equally among all human families if the Planet Earth. Equality is the state of being equal in all aspects of life using Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding(1+2+3=6). When one Knows that the Power is the Truth, it is their responsibility to share that Knowledge with all within their Cipher, for he or her who has the Knowledge is held responsible for those who do not know.


People must understand that Knowledge of Self is for ALL people, not just Black people. Everyone must Know the Truth of their history, language, and customs in order for society to achieve genuine Freedom, Justice, and Equality. This is why a journalist like CNN’s Soledad O’Brian should be saluted for her “Black In America” series and her defense of it. There are actually some white people who questioned her “whiteness” because she hosts a show that dares to expose the naked Truth. Kanye stepped into a NYC record store and plugged in his new album so some unsuspecting customers in Kith could catch a earshot of the new album yesterday, which he hinted may be named “Yesus”. As one of the most pivotal figures in the game right now, let’s do the Knowledge to the real Yeezy this summer. With fatherhood and a burgeoning classic on his hands, the pressure might just force a “Obama doesn’t care about Black people” out of him this year.

Knowledge Power simply means to Know your Power, both mentally and physically. The Knowledge of the Truth of self and those around us gives us the Equal opportunity to handle these Ciphers accordingly. Knowledge is only Power when you Know how to use it. Peace to All!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)