Visit for more information features the late graf innovator known as NACE

One of the greatest writers that has ever blessed us with their artistic expression is the great NACE. The New Jersey native emerged in the 90s, painting billboard sized masterpieces at extreme heights.


Nace never really rolled with a crew, but regularly hit up spots with other groundbreaking writers such as KAWS, ENUE, and PRE. He was a member of The Network, a nationwide group of writers that hit the freights, of which he was one of its most famed members. His style varied according to his matter of fact, yet gentle mood that he took with him all around the world where his art can be found.

Unfortunately, NACE lost in life in 2001 in Ohio at the hands of a drunk driver. Having been on the graf scene for barely a decade, the man known affectionately to his friends and family as “John” didn’t have time to get up as much as his cult like admirers would’ve like to have seen. Definitely one of the 90s innovators, NACE helps to keep graffiti alive even in his passing. Rest In Paradise.