Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour After PartyYep.  The headline pretty much sums it up.  Since spending some time on the east coast for her Diamonds World Tour stops in Boston and New York, Manhattan tabloids have been obsessed with the rumor that Rihanna and NY Knicks star JR Smith were setting aside some juicy quality time together.  These rumors aren’t new as even last year, gossip sites reported similar news of the two getting flirty, and they returned this spring as both attended one or two of the same parties, including the record release fete for Talib Kweli at hotspot Greenhouse.  The camera caught one picture of Rihanna in the VIP section, with JR Smith in the back, and that was enough to re-spin the mill.  Hollywoodlife.com even referred to Smith as her “ex”.

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Well, it looks as though Princess RiRi is over it, and–of course–went to social media, specifically Instagram, to let us all know, she hasn’t been checking for JR and likely won’t be anytime soon.  Now, that was the polite way of re-phrasing what she wrote. Below is how she really expressed herself and her current love life situation with Smith, not to mention a Knicks diss to boot:




The diss came about after Knicks fans were coming for Rihanna, and blaming her for Smith’s flailing performance during the play-offs.  Ri frankly attacked Smith for his hard-partying ways and finally put that rumor to rest.