Melanie Fiona performs her song with Fabrizio Sotti off of his new album "Right Now"

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Melanie Fiona performs her song with Fabrizio Sotti off of his new album “Right Now.”

On Wednesday May 15th, jazz guitarist Fabrizio Sotti was joined by Shaggy, Mino Cinélu, Melanie Fiona, Res, M-1 of Dead Prez, Tony Grey, Isabella Lundgren, and Claudia on the stage of the historic jazz club Blue Note for an astounding performance. The 8 and 10:30 PM shows displayed the stellar fusions of each musician’s talent and made clear why artists like Ice T, Algebra Blessett, Zucchero and Shaggy himself have wanted to collaborate with Sotti on his recently released album. “This came about through a mutual friend of ours and as soon as they sent the track over, I really liked the guitar, feel and vibe of it all,” Shaggy said of his decision to work with Sotti.


“I’ve been playing guitar and jazz since I was a little boy, and everyone who has worked with me on this album has been so humble and talented in their own way,” Sotti said of this new album, Right Now, released on Sotti Entertainment Inc. From his own arrangements to his covers of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and Bob Marley’s “Waitin’ In Vain,” each song on this album and played at the Blue Note set Sotti apart as one who can take a classic genre and make it fresh and exciting for any modern audience. “I’ve been in New York for years now, and the city has had so much influence on my sound,” he said. Originally from Venice, this guitarist caught the attention of all those that participated in the album and made audience members at the show dance in their seats. The reggae influence of Shaggy in the moments he performed with Sotti were perfectly complimentary to the entire set’s fluid and exhilarating sound.

The songs sung by Melanie Fiona, Shaggy and the contribution of M-1, Tony Grey, Claudia Acuña and each musician that played on Wednesday night were monumental in breaking genre-defining walls. Sotti musically charmed each varied artist that played with him both at The Blue Note and on the album with his impeccable skill and charisma. Each track is worth listening to from beginning to end and can be found on MSN Music, so don’t miss out.

-Misha Beiser