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Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Equality all being Born to God

Peace to all! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Equality all being Born to God. To have the Knowledge of the state of homeostasis of any given Cipher is the Wisdom and Power of the true and living God, who is the Original Man. Equality is the natural balance of all elements that exist within any person, place, or thing. Only one who possesses Good Orderly Direction has the Knowledge of how to bring this quality of being Equal into existence at any time.


In order to Know the Equality of a Cipher outside of self, one must engage in the experience of the said person, place, or thing. For instance, it isn’t a shocking revelation that NYPD Officer Richard Haste’s manslaughter indictment was dropped and he walked free after shooting unarmed, 19 year old Ramarley Graham in his bathroom. History is proof that unjust crimes against Original people in this country go unanswered. As most wait for an unseen God to change these inequalities and serve Justice, the only justice will come from just us. Diddy caught a whiff of that reality when his Maybach was pulled over at gunpoint by the LA Sheriff’s department yesterday. Even when you’re not dirty, they might be coming for you. Diddy just had to take that shakedown and keep it moving. Kanye West never disappoints when he has something to say and as truthful as he is, everyone has to take into consideration that he is just an entertainer. Saying he is a god is easy until people expect him to prove it. The honesty in last night’s rant told everyone that. You gotta show and prove, ‘Ye. You gotta show and prove.

Knowledge Equality simply means to acknowledge the limitations and shortcomings of others and sharing the Knowledge Equally, helping others strengthen weaknesses, as a chain is as strong as its weakest link. When all have strength in their own lane, that’s when you see the reality of Good Orderly Direction. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)