new big tymers

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Well, didn’t see this coming.

Despite Mannie Fresh‘s comments earlier this week on MTV’s Rapfix show, sharing his disapproval of the re-formation of the legendary New Orleans rap group, this photo was posted to Birdman‘s Instagram yesterday, as the official re-introduction of The Big Tymers, this time alongside Lil’ Wayne & Drake. It’s an interesting twist, and whether or not this is simply a fun stunt for publicity or actually the beginnings of a process that will eventually lead to a new “Big Tymers” album remains to be seen, but the picture itself is enough to spark more than one set of heated debates. Firstly, how will the general public react to a Mannie Fresh-less Big Tymers, and secondly, why Drake? To most, he may not “fit the mold”, but there’s no denying his rapping talents. Then of course, there’s the issue of the actual name. We can all agree that in 2013, a Baby, Wayne & Drizzy rap group would be undeniable fun, but is it appropriate for them to still be called The Big Tymers. These are all questions that need answers, some of which may never come. But we’re raising them for arguments’ sake. Check out Birdman’s Instagram post here. Thoughts?


-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)