pregnant7n-4-webIf you live in New York City, you’ve seen the impossibly audacious ads in the effort to prevent teenage pregnancy.  Featuring either a crying child or a pensive toddler, the headlines have been accused of shaming teen moms rather than positively supporting the crusade to dissuade future ones.

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Well now the city of Chicago has revealed their own similar campaign and it’s more unabashed than NYC’s.

From the Department of Public Health, their ads picture teenage boys as the pregnant carriers, which will be sure to spark uncomfortable reactions and the hard truth that a percentage of teenage boys do not take responsibility for procreating actions and choose to abandon the mother to fend for their own.


So while certainly controversial and even comically mortifying to look at for some individuals, Chicago should be applauded for addressing, even if bizarrely, the aftermath that so many teenage mothers are left in.

NYC and Chicago (the Windy City has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy) have clearly gone to drastic measures to try and help the cause.

screen-shot-2013-05-16-at-9-50-00-pm-e1368755537514Amid terrible role models like MTV’s Teen Mom Farrah Abraham selling a purposely filmed sex tape in which she can now afford a $3 million house because of it, the issue of teen pregnancy needs a real kick of reality for a still impressionable generation.


–C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion)