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The internet was just too good to us last night.

Happy Monday! How good was last night? No really. Usually, award show Sundays are filled with the customary play by play on Twitter and a few dull moments captured on Instagram. Following Miguel’s now infamous mishap on stage, befittingly titled as the “Miguel Leg Drop”, it seemed as if photoshop specialists were eager to get to work last night. Social media blew up directly after he attempted to leap over the crowd at the Billboard Music Awards and almost took a girl’s head off as he hit the floor. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, it could have happened to anyone. That choreographed bit could have went south for any aspiring crowd leaper, unfortunately for Miguel, it was in front of a national audience.


Drake has been subject to the meme craze since before Miguel’s version of the Bronco Buster. He has everyone in tears with his “Drake Lean” after a behind the scenes photo was released with Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and Drake on the set of their “No New Friends” video shoot. I guess it was just too easy, the blogosphere had to react.

Check out our recollection of the best memes featuring Drake and Miguel to date in the following slideshow.

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