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This is one bizarre hunt by law enforcement officials.

Timothy Blair also known as Tim Dog scammed a woman back in 2011, reportedly through an online dating sham that fooled Ellen Pilgrim. Tim Dog was presumed dead following the swindle but Hernando Prosecutor Steven Jubera says “I need proof.”


There is no death certificate for Tim Dog, therefore the victim holds leeway in court. Ced Gee, who was one of Tim Dog’s closest friends in the industry, tells Memphis’ News Channel 3 that he would not speak at Blair’s funeral because his family could not produce a death certificate. After he was first convicted by Steven Jubera, Tim Dog was supposed to be making monthly payments after being convicted of grand larceny. The payments stopped coming in after the artists was reported dead.

Facts or official reports of his death also fail to show up in publications across the nation. Which does raise the question, is he Tim Dog dead or alive? If there is sufficient proof that he is indeed alive, investigators say that they will pursue Timothy Blair. The plaintiff, Ellen Pilgrim is seeking a $19,000 compensation from Tim Dog, however, the prosecutor says he will drop the warrant if the Blair family can show proof of his death.

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Virgilio Mendez