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Super-Producer Mannie Fresh tells Vlad TV what could have been before Kanye started G.O.O.D. Music.

Former Big Tymer Mannie Fresh is known to have worked with Kanye West in the past. Most notably on G.O.O.D Music’s last collaborative album Cruel Summer, co-producing “The One.” G.O.O.D.’s superior, Kanye West, recently struck a deal with Mannie Fresh. The all important bottom line has been kept under wraps as both artists prefer the work to speak on behalf on the numbers. In an interview with Vlad TV, he tells a tale of Ye’s unpretentious but ambitious start in the game.


Fresh acknowledges that Kanye West came to Cash Money in hopes of signing with the label. Also, Mannie Fresh chronicles the moment when he asked him to borrow production equipment. Fresh says “He actually came to Cash Money looking for a deal, and I been knowing him since then, when Kanye and Mikkey first came as a group, he didn’t have no equipment so I lent him my equipment. This was my first introduction to him, and the only thing I can say is it was a blessing, because he came back and looked back. Without knowing him, I just felt like he was a good dude and lent him some equipment or whatever to do what he had to do and he never forgot about it.”

If the deal would have went through, this could have changed the landscape in hip-hop. The music Kanye made while at Roc-A-Fella was unforgettable. Jay-Z’s backing of the Chicago native propelled his status in the game, all Kanye had to do was be himself and continue to lure in admirers with his work ethic. Just imagine if he was making beats for Cash Money though, way back when.

Both Mannie Fresh and Kanye West have projects ready for this upcoming summer, adding to the already highly anticipated list of work coming out in hip-hop. The next three months might be owned by hip-hop and after their projects supply waiting ears, we cannot wait to see what surfaces out of this deal.

Check the interview below:

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