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Hi Rihanna. We see you.

Countless times, Rihanna has teetered with provocative images while keeping her image tasteful and classy. Men and women marvel when they see Rihanna’s figure barely uncovered in the visuals for her songs. Whether she just gives a glimpse that makes our jaws slowly drop or a puts on a mesmerizing act, we cannot help but collectively bite our lower lips in admiration. I’m sure all of you saw a photo she released from the “Pour It Up” music video shoot, which had you checking if you left the heat on in the room or if it was just Rihanna.


Her 7.5 million Instagram followers and pretty much anyone with an attention span are familiar with just how comfortable RiRi is with her body. The behind the scenes flicks often show her looking stunning or dawning pieces that cue in the “Daaaaaammmmmnnnnn” moment from the movie Friday.

The picture posted above reminds us of some of Rihanna’s revealing moments in her videos. We watch with a vested interest and some her videos can be a guilty pleasure. I for one plea guilty because you never know what you are going to get from Rihanna. You can expect her to play a heartbroken damsel in distress, an unforgiving dominant figure, and the charming mistress, nontheless, we are all eyes and ears with Rihanna.

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Virgilio Mendez