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Houston and Atlanta PD leave fans West-less.

Last night on KanyeWest.com, the locations for his next projection were released. Set to show in twelve new cities, fans who weren’t treated last Friday would have a chance to see Kanye’s face on new buildings in their cities throughout the weekend. However, in Houston and Atlanta the projections were halted before they could even appear. Police Departments in both cities put a stop to Kanye’s marketing plan, at Rothko Chapel in Houston, spectators were ordered to leave or be arrested for trespassing. Houston’s Central Library experienced technical difficulties and at the George Bush Monument the projections were a “no go.”


Over in Atlanta, on-lookers were subject to similar circumstances. Angry tweets surfaced earlier this morning from some of the Atlanta faithful.




According to fans, the Georgia Dome and The World of Coca-Cola were no shows as spectators were left waiting but to no avail. The second wave of projections are put on hold for both Atlanta and Houston as Friday’s other slots were given to Philadelphia and Tucson. No fan made videos have surfaced from either city as of yet.

Kanye’s projections are the first of its kind for anyone promoting an album. It is a unique form of marketing and promotion for a musical album. Police from both cities have yet to comment (publicly) on the reasons for stopping the Yeezus projections.

Stay tuned for more.

Virgilio Mendez