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In loving memory of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. 

Today, we honor TLC member Left Eye (May 27, 1971 – April 25 2002), a beautiful angel who left us too soon.


She was a staple in the sounds of R&B. She took the group to new heights with her Hip-Hop contributions. She embodied a level of cool that showed through in her delivery, especially in the lyrics she spit over the group’s classics like “Waterfall” and “Scrubs.”  Fans adored her and the original flare she added to the group.

She was known for the fight in her heart and the passion in her lyrics, that even as life continues on,  we are still moved by her. So on her birthday, we have her on our minds. We can only hope that she’s comforted, cooling in God’s studio.

Happy Birthday, Left Eye. Rest in Peace.

Here, we give you a few TLC throwback videos. Enjoy.

Vincent Nichols Jr (@dopestnewstalk)