SYLRIn the time I took off last week, I found a lot of legit emcees from certain regions of the country but not in others. I won’t will name regions here, so, West Coast where you at? I’m either not finding the right outlets to check or you guys are just quiet. I know there’s dope music coming out of the West. Show me I’m right!

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Today’s post came a little late because I know everyone, including myself, was doing it big on Memorial Day-grilling, hitting the beach, and/or partaking in general debauchery. So as you wind down and dread work tomorrow morning, check out this week’s SYLR honorees.







West: LocksmithThe Green Box

Don’t miss: “Livin’ Loaded” & “Be Free”

Midwest: Brian FrescoMafioso

When you get a project from anybody in the SAVEMONEY crew in Chicago, you get most of them at one point or another. Fresco is a great example of being a bully on the mic over smooth beats.

South: 3rdiiiUth3rdiiiTheory

This group from Maryland continues the long marriage between Jazz and Hip-Hop. Consider this project the happy honeymoon.

East: JSWISSAwthenticity

Not only is the word “real” overused but it’s too short of a word to describe JSWISS. So the emcee has chosen to ride with “awthentic.” It’s not far from the truth.

Trust me, I listen to every submission. To get your project considered for SYLR (West Coast, I’m looking at you), please email the following information to

Where you’re representing
Short bio
Link to your project (do not attach any music)

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)