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Infra-red cams on airborne drones are the latest weapon to stop graf in Germany

In an unprecedented effort to stop graffiti on subway trains, Germany’s national railway company, Deutsche Bahn, plans to use drones with infra-red cameras to catch vandal trespassing in their depots.


The drones will be used to collect evidence on writers who bomb the trains at night, but it is still unclear how the country’s stern anti-surveillance laws are going to affect the use of the airborne cameras. Using a camera to surreptitiously film people is a sensitive issue in Germany, where people’s privacy is highly valued. 

German media has reported that each drone will cost about 60,000 euros, however, Deutsche Bahn reports that grafitti removal costs them about 7.6 million euros per year.

Germany is walking a razor blade legal line with this drone issue, which may prompt the need for some other form of authority to regulate the surveillance. 

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)