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Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Born all being Born to Knowledge Knowledge all being Born to Wisdom

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Born all being Born to Knowledge Knowledge, which Born Wisdom. Today’s reality teaches that in order to make the Knowledge known, the Wisdom has to Be Born Equally in the form of words as well as ways and actions. The Wise will back up their words with actions while the fool speaks empty rhetoric that will not manifest any practical or tangible results. Wisdom is the intelligent application of Knowledge, so when Wisdom is Born it produces an Understanding in the mind of the recipient and that which is Known by the giver is also Known by receiver.


Many people have been very critical of President Obama and some of his political stances, however, he made the wisest move that could be made by a married man with lipstick on his collar. The aunt of American Idol alum Jessica Sanchez left a bright red pucker on the collar of Obama an he made it a point to put her on full public blast to avoid the wrath of a mad Black woman! If he would’ve tried to solve it ANY other way, it would’ve been a problem. Ask Michelle. In China, a newBorn baby was miraculously save from a sewage drain pipe after the mother flushed the baby down the toilet. The 6 lb., 3 oz. baby boy escaped with a few minor scrapes and the placenta still attached. The mother is claiming that the flushing was accidental, however, for a 22 year old pregnant woman living in a rooming house, she has to Understand why people aren’t buying that. The scare in Disneyland yesterday was not a bomb, as previously reported. It was merely dry ice exploding in a bottle, however, in order for this government to be successful in preventing even these types of false alarms, they have to be prepared for anything. Anywhere. Last but not least, condolences go out to Andre 3G and his family for the loss of his mother. The loss of anyone close is hard, however, the loss of the woman who Born us into this reality that we call life has to be the hardest. Rest In Paradise Ma Benjamin.

Wisdom Born simply means that talk is cheap. Show that what you know can actually bring forth results rather than just more lip service. That is the formula to success. Words without equal deeds are useless. Actions without the ability to convey it to other minds through communication is useless. Collective goals will be reached and Wisdom is Born when the words and deeds are Equal. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)