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Twitter bully Donald Trump is at it again

Another development between Donald Trump and Mac Miller has taken place today. The business mogul once again took to Twitter and this time claimed that Mac’s upcoming studio album ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’ will not generate the type of success that Blue Side Park achieved. “Little Mac Miller’s next album may bomb. He can’t use my name again for sales,” the 66 year old billionaire claimed. Mac Miller took the high road with a simple “:-).”


The relationship between Donald Trump and Mac Miller is definitely a curious one. The Apprentice producer started off congratulating Mac for the success of his song “Donald Trump” but once the Most Dope MC went platinum for the viral sensation, Donald Trump went sour and demanded royalties. We can only speculate as to why a 66 year old billionaire feels the need to harass a 21 year old rapper on Twitter, but hey maybe it is lonely at the top.

Ben Lester (Bjams11)