The Million Dollar Afro tour mates talk upcoming mixtapes, Wiz Khalifa & Happy Days.

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For the latest episode of Dope Dealer Extraordinaire, Pyrex Peas caught with up-and-coming West Coast emcees IamSu! and Problem to discuss co-headlining their Million Dollar Afro Tour, each of their forthcoming solo projects and more.

Along with discussing the Kilt 2 mixtape, IamSu! spoke about the immature things he would rap about in his first rap group and his HBK crew’s upcoming mixtape. The producer-turned-emcee also talks about having Wiz Khalifa in his corner and continuing to work behind the boards.


Problem delves into what separates him from other artists, an old track he recorded with ScHoolboy Q and his DJ Drama-hosted Seperation mixtape which will be out later this year. He also explains his connection to actor Henry Wrinkler, b.k.a. “The Fonz” from the television series Happy Days.

IamSu!’s Kilt 2 mixtape is out June 6th.