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The Source features blue collar, Bay Area graf artist FELON reppin’ IHU

As far as active writers go, FELON IHU BA is one of the most well rounded graf artists of the new millennium. From freights to walls and everywhere in between, FELON’s work can be found all over the country and according to legend, he’s even international.



FELON and his IHU(I Hate You) click may turn up anywhere with vices in hand, but you’d best believe that his impromptu style will leave an appealing piece for the eye. His colorful and ever evolving styles were caught on film on HBO’s The Wire, from his days of destroying the DMV area during the 90s-2000s.



There are very few writers that have made graffiti a full time job and been successful at it and FELON is definitely an exception to the rule. Even though it’s not known whether or not he offers his service for legal walls, but if not, his illegal expertise speaks volumes for itself.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)