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Today’s Mathematics is Understanding Cipher all being Born to Understanding

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Understanding Cipher all being Born to Understanding. When one has a perfectly clear mental picture of any person, place, or thing, they have the Understanding of the Cipher. The clear picture that one draws up in their 3rd eye through Knowledge and Wisdom is the ability to see with insight as well as eyesight. One’s eyes can be deceived when they don’t have a clear Understanding of themselves nor the Cipher in which they exist. 


When a person Understands a Cipher, they possess the tools and resources that will solve any problem within that circumference. Case in point, Michael Chege, a Kenyan immigrant who now resides in Greece. The 28 year old Chege has organized his own group of “Black Panthers”, who aggressively challenge the brutality of the neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn. The Greek version of the Black Panthers are using cell phones, social media, neighborhood watch groups, and other resources at their disposal to fight terrorism at their doorstep. Black people in this country can take notes in fighting crime at our doorstep. That includes the threat of police brutality, like what most recently happened to honor student Cary Ball Jr. In St. Louis. Last month, Ball was shot and killed by three St. Louis officers who shot him 25 times. The life of that Human Services major with the 3.9 GPA could’ve been saved with just a little proactive community involvement. The father of the Chechen immigrant killed in Florida while being interrogated by the FBI about his ties to a Boston Marathon bombings suspect said today that the U.S. agents killed his son “execution-style.” Well, for his information, the United States have always been the best killers in the business. Wait until the truth unfolds about what happened to Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of Malcolm X,whose memorial services were held today. Understand that Cipher.

To have Understanding of the Cipher is to know what and how everything is made. In order for that to be, your Knowledge must be accurate so that your mental and physical Power is seen and heard in every aspect of your life. That is how you make your Understanding Understood so that you may deal in Equality with all human families of the Planet Earth! Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)