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Last night at a sold out SOB’s, Cam’ron, founder of The Diplomats, made a rare performance in his hometown of NY. Cam was greeted to a jam packed audience and surprise visits by some of New York’s elite.

Killa Cam, sporting a “Harlem Representative” shirt, Raiders leather snapback and some diamond encrusted shades to go along with an all black everything look, took the stage last night around 12AM. The crowd was extra live once Killa started his set. Cam’ron ran through a list of his mega hits and feature guest appearances. Songs like “Down & Out” and “Get’em Girls,” had the fellas feeling like they were part of the Diplomats. Of course, Cam had to cater to the ladies as well, as he dedicated his Lil Wayne assisted joint “Suck It Or Not” to all the beautiful females in the building. The funniest thing was seeing ladies spit bar for bar the lyrics of the song and Cam’ron smirking to the ladies reciting the lyrics.


Killa Cam’s performance however only lasted a short time, but he gave the fans all the hits from his catalogue. Before leaving the stage Cam’ron thank the New York crowd for always showing him support and keeping his music alive. The Diplomat founder also promoted his latest movie “Percentage,”in which he is the main character and producer of the movie.

It’s always great to see Cam hit the stage anywhere,but especially in New York City, since his appearances are so rare. Harlem was definitely in the building last night.

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