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Today’s Mathematics is Understanding Knowledge all being Born to Culture

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Understanding Knowledge all being Born to Culture. To have Understanding is to have the ability to comprehend and Knowledge is the infinite foundation of all things in existence. Having the Supreme comprehension of the foundation of one’s existence gives them the ability to live out one’s Culture without restrictions or constraints. Culture is one’s natural way of life, so when one gains a clear mental picture of their origin, they gain a balanced insight of the influence of their own reality.


Going into Black Music Month in June, we must recognize that with 2013 being such a pivotal year, a lot of the music that is heard this summer will be the soundtrack to our memories of the first year of Obama’s last term in office. Yeezus is anticipated to be the most sought after album of the year, especially since 1,000 tickets for a free pair of red Yeezys will be placed in hard copies of the project. With all of the fanfare behind Yeezus, it’s hard to imagine that there are those who are attempting to slam the project because of its controversial content. Kanye can’t be applauded enough for his efforts in using the medium of the mic for what it was meant for. Even in August, the Goodie Mob(including Ceelo) will be dropping some revolutionary gems on wax, recognizing the need to disassociate themselves from the climate of celebratory ignorance that has engulfed the Culture of Hip Hop. With children getting brutalized by police, like 14 year old Tremaine McMillian in Miami, the anthems of resistance are needed more than another Molly record. George Zimmerman’s defense lawyers are looking for a way to blame an unarmed Trayvon Martin for his own death. The trial, which is scheduled to begin June 10th, will set the bar as to what law enforcement and civilians would be able to do if they merely felt threatened by a Black male. Men of all so- called minorities should see that this case is about all of us.

Understanding Knowledge simply means to see where you come from in order to Know where you’re going. Once one Understands the intellectual objectives of their ancestors, they will be more equipped and qualified to live out the prescribed legacy of their Original Culture. Hip Hop music is a very influential aspect of global society and in order to fully see the potential of its positive impact, we must recognize the foundation. Peace to all! 

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)