Another Summer Jam ends, and as most may know, the most talked about performance wasn’t by French Montana, it wasn’t by our most recent Rookie of the Year Kendrick Lamar, and it wasn’t by New York’s own A$AP Rocky. Brooklyn MC, Papoose had the internet going nuts last night when he hit the stage after Kendrick Lamar to perform his single “Get At Me.”

Fans in attendance looked puzzled when Pap hit the stage, while social media sites like Twitter and Facebook were buzzing about Pap’s impromptu performance. The BK artist even trended worldwide on Twitter yesterday off the performance.

Hot 97’s Program Director Ebro was the first to comment on the situation via Twitter, saying he did not know how Papoose got a chance to sneak in a record after Kendrick. Papoose then replied to Ebro, and the back and forth began from there.

However, on the morning show today on Hot 97 things got cleared up in a way when Ebro stated that Peter Rosenberg was the only one who knew from the station that Pap was going to hit the stage after Kendrick. Check out ‘The Realness’ clip below to find out more about the Papoose incident.

Props to Hot 97.

Roger Krastz @walldoe