sylr 6/3/13Every weekend during the summer seems to play host to a music concert or festival of epic proportions. Yesterday was Summer Jam XX. This weekend is Governors Ball. And I know there were/are others I’m missing. So in between the massive headlining performances, catch up on the future headliners and their music with Support Your Local Rapper. Because after all, if you don’t support them now, you’ll just be another passenger on the bandwagon express when they break through that glass ceiling.

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West: KRI$0lyf3

Los Angeles found another true lyricist who raps to tell stories and release positive vibes. But don’t just assume he’ll be your friend. KR is vicious on the mic and may give you a firsthand look at your own “Poetic Death.”


Midwest: RedefinersChapter 1: Chosen Ones

When you’re young, you’re rebellious. Well take Redefiners’ mixtape as an act of rebellion against the whack ish. The two 19 year old Chicago rappers exhibit their flows for days over some Jazzy tunes.

South: Mikeyy LeeCoca-Cola Mixtape

The Hippie K.L.A.N. representative may rap about topics covered by every other rapper you hate out there (weed, women, bravado), but Mikeyy Lee does it with the panache that other rappers can’t comprehend.

East: BasQuarter Water Raised Me Vol. II

There’s a reason J.Cole’s Dreamville team f*cks with Bas. In fact, here are 16 reasons on this mixtape. Bas has been exploring different sounds and has convinced me that Hip-Hop doesn’t have to sound like what came out the stereos back in the 90’s.

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  • Jazzy says:

    KR is a beast on the mic,his Lyrics are sick, His mixtape is FIYAH !!!! I have nothing but high hopes for this Young Man … Now this is what HIP HOP is all about.. looking foward for his Debut Album .. SOMEBODY SIGN THIS GUY ASAP …..