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The former Master of The Mix contestant and celebrated DJ is the subject of OntFront’s latest lookbook.

The Dutch tailor OntFront enlists photographer Marc Haers and Rich Medina to transform their lookbook into a translucent emblem of the lifestyle projected by the brand itself. Medina has been scratching records for a long time now, the b-boy-turned-DJ has become a fixture in cities like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York City. He is well known for turning the Lower East Side into one of Manhattan’s prime party hubs, bringing more of hip-hop heads downtown in 1998 with the “Fun Party” alongside DJ Language.


The DJ, Producer, and Poet is elegantly fitted with OntFront’s latest threads. The images depict a dapper Medina blended in to the serene Amsterdam ambience. The bridging between cultures and generations hits a pulsating nerve in popular culture today and it is a focal point of OntFront’s campaign to reach a larger audience.

Check out the lookbook in its entirety here.

Virgilio Mendez