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Crush of the week…

Today we introduce you to Ming Lee, a well-known celebrity hairstylist from Atlanta, Georgia. Ming Lee takes Atlanta under her wing when it comes to styling hair as she is the guru princess of a professional hairstylist. She is a motivated entrepreneur who began her journey under three years ago and has become a successful business women.


When Ming Lee started her journey, she began like any other entrepreneur: broke with ambition. Lee is originally from Detroit, but moved to Atlanta right after high school, using only $500 that she saved to purchase a couch for her unfurnished apartment to start her hair empire. She then coined the phrase ‘Snob Life,’ creating the phrase as her brand.

Lee was inspired to do hair because of her 90-year old grandmother who couldn’t do hair, she took it upon her self to build her craft because she’s so good at it.

Although she styled many celebrities, she also enjoys making a regular girl feel fabulous as well.

When asked what does she like to do during her off time, Ming replied, Traveling and Google searching. I like to research a new company or person to see how they started and how they’ve become successful.”

Ming Lee is a smart, motivated individual and is always searching for new ways to bring her brand to the next level. Her ‘Snob Life‘ brand has consist of over 1.5 million Youtube views where she shows ‘snobs’/viewers step by step hair styling tutorials.

What can we expect from Ming Lee in 10 years? “A household brand like Johnson & Johnson, I want to go down in history,” said Lee.

In a couple of weeks, Atlanta residence can expect Ming to open up a hair salon in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia where she hopes to provide high quality service and launch a product line tailored to women with hair extensions to ALL of her clients.

For all young inspiring hairstylist out there, Ming Lee gives you her words of wisdom: “Never take no for an answer. Always contain education, there’s never too much to learn and always advertise and promote yourself.”

Where can we find Ming Lee and her ‘Snob Life‘ festivities? Check out all of her social medias below, follow and enter the ‘Snob‘ world.




Instagram: @IAmMingLee and @snobmobb


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