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A Jackson family heir rushed to the hospital after an attempted suicide.

News of Paris Jackson’s attempt on her own life has left many in despair. The young teenage girl was rushed to the hospital overnight when paramedics received a distressed call from an address matching her Los Angeles residence.


She tweeted from her account last night to millions of followers saying “yesterday , all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they’re here to stay”, which are lyrics from a Beatles song. Prompting an ominous cloud over the incident reported later on that night. Sources close to the family and paramedics themselves were apprehensive to release further information. What has taken place suggests that the teen needs a bit of guidance and assistance through the difficult aftermath of her father’s death and the family’s ongoing lawsuit with AEG who they believe is liable for Jackson’s death back in 2009.

The two eldest children, Paris and Prince Jackson, are scheduled to testify in court later this month. For any teenager still trying to find their way in the world this can all be overwhelming. Her biological mother Debbie Rowe reported that her daughter attempted to cut her wrists and other reports speak of a possible drug overdose. According to one of the family’s lawyers, she is going to be okay. We do wish her a speedy recovery.

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