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Today’s Mathematics is Power

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Power, which is the ability to influence change. The most pertinent and influential tool used to bring about a change is the Truth. The Truth is the controlling force of energy everywhere within this Universe because everything is real. No matter how well orchestrated, a lie is powerless in the presence of Truth.


When someone is saying something that isn’t true, it’s always necessary to make that known because the Truth will always reveal itself. Yesterday, an aggressive LGBT supporter interrupted First Lady Michelle Obama’s DNC fundraiser speech, screaming for an executive order on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights. One thing that some people need to Understand is that if what you say is out of season, it will bear no fruit. Tupac and Assata Shakur’s former lawyer must be congratulated for winning the mayoral election in Jackson, Mississippi. Chokwe Lumumba has supported and spoken up on the behalf of those who advocate Truth and his victory is proof that standing on the side of what’s right has its advantages. Lastly, we here at would like to send our strength to the loved ones of all who were involved in the building collapse in Philly this morning.

Power is simply the force that opens the door to opportunity and that Power is seen and heard through the Wise words, ways and actions of the true and living God. That Power is a strength that only a chosen few possess and those who have chosen themselves have a job to do with it. Peace to All!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)