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The latest episode of the underground web hit “Queen of the Ring” had Harlem’s Ms. Hustle versus Brooklyn’s Ms. Fit.  Both temperamental and fond of pop cultural references, the misses gave us one of the most hot-heated freestyle altercations of the year so far.  

With rumors of Ms. Hustle getting a deal at the forefront and Ms. Fit’s loyal fanbase in the building, Hustle delivered a more consistent flow, nary of awkward pauses and breaks for a breather, though Fit had a few of those during her set, she added some decent comedic timing.


Watch the spitfire feud below and guess who hosts Babs and Vague crowned as the newest Queen in this very close call battle.

–C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion)

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Ms Fit vs. Ms Hustle on Queen of the Ring