Graffiti artist Droid 907 explains why he’s inspired by Gucci Mane and how his music can be relevant to Graffiti.

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What inspires you to do “rollers” based on Gucci Mane?

I was inspired from the man’s music and general outrageousness. Its also a real cool word to write as the letters form really nice blocks.  His government name is just as moving as the word “Gucci” is. I think if he doesn’t commit too many more mortal sins I’d consider naming my son Radric.







Do you have any favorite Gucci moments songs etc?

There is an aspect of Gucci’s music that mimics the ocd quality of the Graff writer’s need to  repetitively write their name. Gucci does it in every song, constantly reminding the listener that they are listening to Gucci Mane…”It’s Gucci” or “Gucci” over and over in each song, that shits hilarious and inspiring.