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New Jersey rapper Redman released his classic third album Muddy Waters back in 1996 and this year he’s returning with Muddy Waters 2. The sequel will drop later this year.


While we wait for the anticipated album, Redman took to Twitter stating that he will be releasing an EP before the album arrives.

“this is announcement im coming out with “MUDDY WATERS 2 the PRELOAD EP” in AUGUST…AND MUDDY WATERS 2 THE ALBUM IN FALL 2013 !!,” he tweeted.

Redman has been talking about this project for at least a few years now and will also join Method Man in a collaborative album titled “Blackout! 3” which will be coming out later this year as well. It has taken Redman over a decade to put this project together, the question is, will Muddy Waters 2 be just as classic as the first one?

We’ll just have to wait until fall to find out.

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