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Today's Math

Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Knowledge all being Born to Wisdom

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Knowledge all being Born to Wisdom. The Knowledge that one possesses must be accurate in order for it to be made kinetic, activated, and made Known to another. To Knowledge Knowledge, one must “know you know” instead of just “thinking you know” so that your words, ways, and actions are Wise. Also, a person must be able to Knowledge Knowledge, which is the ability to recognize what is Knowledge versus a belief or anything that cannot be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.


So much can go wrong when you just think you know something rather than doing the research so that you are sure. The Detroit PD are looking like fools right now after they staged a purse snatching which resulted in a FBI agent chasing an officer who he thought was a thief. How could the police not know that the gas station where they were shooting the public service video was a base of operations for the FBI? Even though the quick thinking of a fellow officer saved the life of the acting officer, this lack of Knowledge could have cost the cop his life. The Plan B pill has been made available to girls and women of all ages by the Obama administration after it was argued that an age limit should be put on access to the contraceptive. For children(under 18 years of age) to have access to these types of drugs in which all of its after effects have yet to be determined, it’s giving a green light to these girls to abuse their bodies sexually and medicinally with no Knowledge outside of the fact that they won’t get pregnant. West Coast icon DJ Quik’s daughter and her boyfriend are sitting in jail with no bail after allegedly killing their own two year old son. Davieanna Blake and Darnell Blake were arrested by Phoenix Police when they were seen standing over the slain boy’s body. We can’t blame Quik for her actions, but we definitely have to hold parents to some responsibility when something minor happens with their children before something major like this occurs. Check her rap sheet and it will reveal that this tragedy could’ve been prevented.

Knowledge Knowledge simply means to be sure of what you say and do. As Original people, we double up words to emphasize an idea. For example, “It’s hot outside, but it ain’t hot hot.” being Wise is not taking anything on face value and finding out the reality for one’s self. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

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