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YC The Cynic may have thought ‘Bruce Almighty’ was a documentary.

Rapper or not, New Yorkers self-diagnosing themselves as being cut from a superior cloth is not uncommon. Bronx native YC The Cynic however, aspires to a higher level of narcissism with his latest video, “God Complex”.


Stepping out onto a melancholy score from producer Frank Drake, YC brings to life a boastful persona with a tone that’s oddly amiable for someone declaring themselves to be a deity amongst mere mortals. The song’s intriguing angle is amplified by a hypnotizing assortment of visual effects with YC’s image levitating amidst the clouds — an image reminiscent of the Wizard of OZ.

The unique video premiered by Complex is directed by Oliver Eid and will live on the rapper’s upcoming GNK album which YC has raised over $5,ooo to complete via kickstarter. Seems as though The Cynic’s creative approach has made a believer out of quite a few music fans. Check out his new video after the jump and decide if you’ll be converted by his “God flow”.