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We would have never thought that Twerking would have a poster child, but Miley Cyrus’ candidacy for the position has bells ringing and crowds marveling over her willingness to dance to a trap beat or shake her modest but well physiqued rump at her own disposal. Most recently, she was seen on stage with Juicy J, twerking to Bands A Maker Her Dance, last summer’s undisputed champ of twerk songs.

Miley’s fascination with twerking and with hip-hop culture has many wondering if this is just a phase or if this was lurking within the former Disney star. She shows no signs of fading, hanging out with rappers and twerking on stage seem like just a few minor steps Miley is taking into the deep and diverse culture that is hip-hop. Can we expect collaborations, video cameos, who knows?


For now, we would like to see more twerking. We welcome you with open arms Miley, just keep bringing on the twerk videos, unicorn outfit or not. Here are ten songs we would like Miley Cyrus to twerk to.

Virgilio Mendez