brianna-perry-carsA little hip-hop history for you kids today.  Even if you’re a ’80s baby, L’Trimm’s one-hit wonder of “Cars That Go Boom” may had been under the radar.  The Miami based duo had a hit in 1988 with “Cars That Go Boom” which led them to being The Source Magazine’s Hip-Hop Goddesses of the Month in 1989.  By the ’90s, they started to steer away from  the music scene, with Lady Tigra and Bunny D’s last album being Groovy in 1991.  Brianna Perry, coincidentally from Miami, has re-made the song as simply “Cars”, which is featured on her mixtape Symphony No. 9.

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Showing love to the original female emcess of Miami-Dade county, Perry’s version is brassier in style as she rides in a Ferrari and is more in-your-face than L’Trimm’s original flirtation.

Watch both clips below!


–C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion)


Brianna Perry’s remake as “Cars”

L’Trimm’s original “Cars That Go Boom”

And here’s a fashion forward pic of L’Trimm back in the day