Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council & Source Magazine Launch Hip-Hop “POWER POLL” initiative


By Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher @HHSYC

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SourcePollpic1As we strive to give our readers a VOICE in what is going on in business, healthcare, public safety, entertainment, education, politics and other social issues that affect our daily quality of life the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council in collaboration with the “socially responsible” Source Magazine will launch the Hip-Hop “POWER POLL” (HHPP).  Through this initiative we will be able to distribute surveys to the general public and our “Official Poll Members” to acquire their opinion about hot issues affecting their lifestyle and community.

You know how the saying goes: “the Squeaky Wheel Gets the Most Attention,” and it’s time for the multi-billion dollar Hip-Hop Industry, along with their supporters, to use its collective clout to shape policies that influence our lives.  In order to make this a safer and better world we need to know just how you feel about issues that may have a positive or negative impact on your life and those you care about.


SourcePollpic2Hip-Hop is the greatest international cultural phenomenon ever created.  It transcends race, religion, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  It is the lifestyle of choice for millions of youth and young adults worldwide.  With all this potential power on display, it’s time to harness the energy and use it to ensure that the next generation lives a better life than we did.  The obligation of each generation is to protect and empower the next and through the HHPP we can finally use the “People’s Voice” to improve Social, Political and Economic conditions in our School, Home and Community. 

Hot Issues that need to be addressed

In NYC we have a Mayoral and City Council race in progress with the winners being awarded with the decision-making power that will dictate how over 8 million citizens will live their life.  On a national level we have Gun Law and Immigration Reform; the Trayvon Martin trial; the Snowden government information gathering story; the military sex abuse legislation and a host of other issues that the Hip-Hop Community should weigh in on and have their voice heard.  You don’t have to like politics to tell us how you feel and you should never believe that your “Voice & Vote don’t Count.”  The time is ripe for the Hip-Hop Community to become more socially responsible because we can’t depend upon outside sources to take care of our Family, Friends and Fans.

SourcePollpic3Father’s Day

SourcePollpic4Right now I’m sure many of you will agree that the 99% is losing and the 1% is over the top.  The question is what are we going to do about it?  We can complain and cry and let the rich and powerful continue to have their way or we can network and voice our opinion on how to implement the necessary changes that will make this a better country.  As we near the 40th year anniversary of Hip-Hop, which will make the culture “Three Generations Strong,” you would be surprised at the enormous power we possess.  We can acquire social justice and play a major role in the development of the “New World Order.”  Remember, it was the youth and Hip-Hop vote that helped President Obama win both elections.  That is a political fact and a preview of just how much power we have.  As we approach Father’s Day it’s time for grandfathers, fathers and sons to shine through the Hip-Hop Culture and use its influence to empower communities, which is the primary reason the art form was founded.  “As it was in the beginning, so it shall be at the end.”

SourcePollpic5Subscribe, Support and Join the Movement

When you fear the “Political Gangs” in our Government more than those on the street corner it’s time to produce a new song and through this initiative that is exactly what we plan to do.  Subscribe to our service and stay on top of our latest Polls, Surveys and Public Opinion updates.  Polls will be conducted as important issues arise and the results will be posted on the Source Magazine’s website.  Our readers will be able to discuss the final outcome of each poll because it is through your voice that we will be able to remix this record and make a difference.  So, if you want to join our movement and use your influence as an “Agent for Change” hit us up at: hiphopsyc@aol.com.