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#Yeezus, its lovers and haters.

Giving Yeezus it’s first listen was like popping my first molly; dazed, confused, but liking the feeling. Although I did not break a sweat over the 10 tracks, Kanye gave our brains a workout and fine tuned your musical Trivial Pursuit game. The initial reactions and facial expressions when “On Sight” played were something to the tune of “What the f*** is this?”, if there is anything we have learned is to not underestimate Kanye West. The production is above par, the sound and overall flow of the album will win you over with time.


The message is unclear, many claim that those who have bashed the album do not understand Kanye and where he is coming from. From hearing the album so far, does anyone know where he is coming from? The rock influence is transparent, some of the music leaves you with a Depeche Mode-esque after taste. What is clear, is that there is no doubt at least fifty percent of this album will land in commercials. It is as commercial as a Doritos ad during the Super Bowl.

This album will eventually grow on you. I know, for a moment there all these questions popped up in your head about Kanye as an artist and about the state of hip-hop. Maybe that is part of the plan, maybe stirring up controversy is what makes (or breaks) this album. Let the debate begin, at least we did not have to wait until next Tuesday for the ruckus. In retrospect, this quote sums up our reaction. “This is not a Michael Jordan dunk, he says he is the Michael Jordan of hip-hop. Well, maybe he’s playing baseball.” Check out some reactions from the “Twittersphere” in the slideshow below.