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The acid rapper thrilled the Brooklyn faithful last night for one of the Northside Festival’s music shows.

“We want Chance!” loudly echoed inside of Europa. The Chicago native came out to a crowd that welcomed him with open arms and those in attendance were excited to see him perform the songs from the mixtape that hip-hop and overall music fans have fallen in love with. Acid Rap is stacked to the gills, it is a roller coaster of emotions but Chance channels them and his energy to piece together a project that many can relate to. To no surprise, the show sold out and fans of all ages showed up to see Chance The Rapper. The opening acts, Petite Noir and Lil Kids, seasoned the crowd as they waited for Chance. The evening kicked off with Petite Noir, a soulful solo act. Lil Kids, being the all up in your face kind of guys that they are followed. They turned up in front of friends and a rowdy crowd, anxiously biting their nails as they waited to see Chance.


A wave of applause began as Chance was spotted making his way to the stage. Good Ass Intro dropped and the crowd literally erupted. After all the anticipation, Chance played a few songs from his first mixtape 10 Day. He went back to Acid Rap as Europa shook. Pusha Man, Favorite Song, Juice, and Cocoa Butter Kisses had everyone in a trance. He took a moment to thank everyone, closed his eyes and got into Acid Rain which is a lyrically potent track. Like students in a classroom, fans payed attention, swaying from side to side as Chance performed the self-reflecting song. Smoke Again, which features Ab-Soul, capped the night off and rightfully so. The crowd faithfully sang along word for word and jumped up and down along with Chance. By the end of the set everyone stayed, hoping for a little more. They will have to wait until Thursday for his first solo show at SOB’s.

Check out some of our pictures in the following slideshow.

Virgilio Mendez

Photos by: Virgilio Mendez