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Talking Poetic Justice, Poetic Justice
Written By Bre @Iam_Bre_

So, it seems as though Janet Jackson’s ‘Poetic Justice’ braids has made a major comeback since 2012. Celebs such as Beyonce, Christina Milian, and Solange Knowels (to name a few) has been noted sporting the trend.


Now, if you need to refresh your memory ‘Poetic Justice’ is a 1993 film based on the unpredictable love interest between Justice (Janet Jackson) and Lucky (Tupac Shakur).

Back in February, Miss Jackson, ‘if ya nasty’, was spotted at Milan Fashion Week, where she too rocked the iconic hairstyle effortlessly. She definitely looked beautiful and vibrant as she did back in 1993.

The braids is a great summer hairstyle. They’re easily manageable, especially for women on the go. Women are still able to have a chic but edgy look, without the hassle of applying heat from flat irons, and other possible damaging products to the hair.

Another plus of the resurfaced trend, is not only is it a protective hairstyle, but it also enables hair growth for women looking to grow out their hair!

Will the Poetic Justice Braids continue to trend?