sylr 6/17/13I think I can feel my feet again after trudging through the mire that was Governors Ball last weekend. And to make up for the absence of SYLR last Monday, this week’s selections are extra promising in talent. Some of these artists are well known in their own right and it’s no diss to their stature by featuring their projects here. I’m simply including them to point out the fact that their level of visibility across the country still doesn’t match the skills they possess. So while they may be touring, getting the ultra rare features, and selling units, they’re not where I’d like to see them, as far as recognition. So check out the projects below and do what you can in getting their name even more out there, if you agree that they deserve it.

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West: Nacho Picasso & Avatar DarkoVampsterdam

The music scene in Washington is probably the most underappreciated in every genre. So let Nacho and Avatar shed some light on what you might be missing with their darker tinge of Hip-Hop.


Midwest: Alex WileyClub Wiley

When you have Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, Chance The Rapper, GLC, and Hood Internet on your debut mixtape, you’re doing something right. Alex is mastering of mixing the jokes in with the serious. It’s also a beautiful thing to see bridges being built over generational gaps in Hip-Hop, especially in a divided city like Chicago.

South: Rickie JacobsBeautiful America EP

Rickie already has the confidence and clarity of an A-list rapper. Now it’s time for him to start attending the after parties with the rest of them. Click HERE to download the EP.

East: Emilio RojasNo Shame…No Regrets

You should be familiar with Emilio’s smooth yet slightly raspy voice by now. This project is a well rounded re-introduction and further testament that he can hold it down with anyone else.

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